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About Us

APL understands the unique challenges facing the life and health insurance industries, so we've designed our commission accounting software to be flexible and customizable. Our cloud-based solutions automate complex functions, increase transparency and security, and reduce errors - making your business more reliable and profitable.

For over 25 years, APL has been a leader in commission accounting software. Our solutions far exceed the limits of our competitors, and we're proud to achieve the highest standards of implementation and service in the industry. We reduce complexity by anticipating all facets of the commission accounting process while integrating seamlessly within your existing software environment.

We ensure that everything works,
the way you want it to.

Comprehensive Features. Unlimited Flexibility.

Our mission is to ensure that everything works just the way you do.

  • The Key to Building and Retaining a Network of Agents

    Commissions are a critical element in the endeavor to build and retain a network of agents. Each carrier, broker, and stakeholder has their own distinct framework for managing commissions. With multiple stakeholders having different requirements, managing commissions can become a very intricate and complex process. APL is committed to streamlining this entire process and saving you time, money, and effort.

  • We reduce complexity by anticipating and meeting evolving client needs. APL achieves the highest standard of service for your needs.



Full-service accounting offers several benefits compared to self-managed accounting

80% of clients prefer our full-service option.

Our full-service option is the perfect solution for those who prefer to outsource their commission accounting. We can manage all your commission data on your behalf - freeing up resources so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Our experienced team will handle all aspects of the commission accounting process, and our cloud-based platform can integrate seamlessly with your existing software environment.

Highlights of some main benefits:

  • We take the burden of processing commission off you
  • Your commission is prepared by experts
  • You have direct contact with the team that works for you
  • We can accommodate all commission specifications
  • Your payroll is always on time and on schedule
  • We remove administrative complexibilities from the process
  • The cost of full-service is budget-friendly, and proportional to your needs

  • Self-Managed

    Our Software, Your Team

    Choose our self-managed option to license our software for your in-house team. With powerful features for agents, managers, and administrators, our cloud-based platform is efficient and customizable to your specific needs.

    Your staff can access your data anywhere via the web, making commission management easy and efficient. Ideal for businesses who want to manage their commission data in-house and have the resources to do so, our self-managed option provides the perfect solutions.

    Highlights of some main benefits:

  • You have complete control of the process
  • You have utmost flexibility and customization in the process
  • You can have unlimited hierarchy levels
  • You can combine multiple carriers into one process
  • The cost of a self-managed license is budget-friendly, with a fixed monthly fee
  • Reliable, Profitable Solutions to the Insurance Industry

    Our cloud-based platform is flexible, efficient, and customizable to your specific needs. We have streamlined the commission accounting process with powerful features for agents, managers, and administrators. With our self-managed and full-service options, you decide the level of support that works best for your business.

    Let us help you efficiently manage and track commissions, so you can focus on running your business.